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Awarded by the UN World Tourism Organization for excellence and innovation in tourism: IT.A.CÀ,  is a festival on Responsible Tourism, born a few years ago in Bologna and which has now spread throughout Italy with numerous stages in each region.During the festival, itineraries on foot and by bicycle, workshops, seminars, laboratories, exhibitions, concerts are organized, "to launch an idea of ​​tourism that is more ethical and respectful of the environment and of those who live in it, to transform incoming into becoming, combining the sustainability of tourism with the well-being of citizens "
    Salento Bici Tour is one of the founders of the Salento stage of the ITACA festival and we have been participating in the organization of this event since 2018.
The first year - when the theme was “accessible tourism” - we organized excursions for sighted and blind people to discover the wonders of Salento from another perspective.
    In 2019 the theme was "restanza" – the meaning of the word indicate  the position of who decide to stay, renouncing to cut the link with their land and community of origin not out of resignation, but with a proactive attitude: we went by bicycle to visit some of the agricultural realities of our territory, where some young people are committed to recovering ancient cultivation techniques (for example the arid culture, which requires a very low expenditure of water) and traditional varieties of vegetables and fruits.

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