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With closed eyes

An accessible tourism experience - conceived in collaboration with Michela Bidetti, designer expert in accessibility - aimed at sighted and blind people to discover the wonders of Puglia from another perspective and in a sustainable way.
    During “with eyes closed” excursions, we provide tandems, rickshaws and bicycles for participants to slowly cross the landscape. To the ride could also participate "able-bodied", but will be blindfolded during the stops.
To do this we have developed excursions in which all the senses except the sight are involved. Hearing first of all: along the way the guides describe - in a 'radio' way - the landscape cossed and tell the stories that inhabit the places.
    The sense of smell lets itself be penetrated by the smells of the countryside. The taste is stimulated thanks to tastings (especially honey, thanks to the Antonio Musardo farm).
But it is above all the touch that plays a prominent role: the blind have in fact relief prints available - specially prepared by a specialized designer - which trace the profiles of some of the points of interest (the Greek fountain of Gallipoli, some balconies of the Historic Center of Lecce, some details of the facades of the Baroque churches). Partners of the initiative are the Museum of the Sea of Gallipoli (which has a multisensory room inside), the Radio Museum of Tuglie (which houses dozens of specimens all working of radios, telegraphs, gramophones) and the Museum of the Messapian civilization of Alezio (with a 3D reproduction of a necropolis and some decorated vases of which we have made a tactile reproduction).


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