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Responsible travel

Travelling with Salento Bici Tour - besides having one of the best experiences of your life - you also support the local community on the way to sustainable development and take care of the planet.
Our organisation initiates and/or supports various projects, in collaboration with other local and non-local entities.
Salento Bici Tour is not only our job, but also a way of being in the world and trying to make it a little bit better.
We are happy to share our project with you, as a client or partner.

Our initiatives for the protection of the landscape, the (re) discovery of peasants’ wisdom, the promotion of sustainable tourism and the fight against climate change.

The first Bike Café in Southern Italy, a pioneering experience that has been able to combine the culture of cycling and sustainability with a constant commitment to the community.

Our organization try to be responsible in every actions taken on the territory. In addition to this, over the years, we have developed some projects particularly addressed to some weaker sections of the population.

No territory is a good cycling destination if local people do not use bicycles in their daily life. Our projects.

Training plays a crucial role in our company. We promote both internal training for our staff, and programs addressed to children from high school onwards.

I Ciclopi Srl
Via Buonarroti, 30

73100 Lecce
P.IVA 04622810754
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