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Waste – collecting bicycle rides

The Apulian countryside, unfortunately, is full of waste. As an organization that deals with incoming tourism we should not say it or write it: don't wash your dirty linen in public!
But Salento Bici Tour is not just a Tour Operator and we take the responsibility of offering tourists not a postcard image, but a true photograph of our territory.
    The indiscriminate abandonment of waste is a phenomenon that is both simple and complex. It is simple because a little "civilization" would be enough to avoid it, it is complex because we live in the "civilization of waste". A few decades ago walking in the Salento countryside was like going for a garden, everything was well maintained, the land was our main wealth. Then came the industrial civilization, the civilization of consumption ... and of waste.
    Over the years, we did not only observe the phenomenon with indignation, but, in in collaboration with other associations of the area, we have organized the "waste – collecting bike rides": bicycle rides to raise awareness on the environmental issue and the cleanliness of our countryside.It works like this: with bicycles we cross a small portion of the territory, we stop where there is waste, we collect it and separate it.
    Back in the village we organize small creative recycling workshops with the material we have collected and other waste objects. It is only a small drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made up of drops.

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