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Salento Bici Tour mainly deals with sustainable and active tourism.
   We welcome people from all over the world to our land and proudly show them the beauties that are there.
   However, as the news remind us every day, not all people have the right to travel and move freely around the world.
   We are close to all those who deal with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
We collaborate with some of these organizations within the networks we are part of, and in particular with Festival I.TA.CA - migrants and travelers.
   In 2017 we organized with Gus -  Gruppo Umana Solidarietà  of Lecce an excursion with refugee children from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria.
   After the excursion we organized a small workshop where they could share, with pictures, their experience of the trip.
   A beautiful experience of (co) integration and peace!


Immagine principale: 
I Ciclopi Srl
Via Palmieri, 32

73100 Lecce
P.IVA 04622810754
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