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Sac "Salento di mare e di pietre"

We believe that no destination can really be a good destination for cycle tourism if its territory is not bike friendly.
   For it to be so, it is necessary, among other things, that the locals use the bicycle as a means of daily transportation and that they are put in the conditions to do so.
   SAC "Salento di mare e di pietre" is a network of municipalities in the hinterland of Gallipoli (namely: Alezio, Aradeo, Alezio, Alliste, Aradeo, Collepasso, Gallipoli, Matino, Melissano, Neviano, Parabita, Racale, Sannicola, Seclì, Taviano, Tuglie) who have decided to unite to enhance their cultural heritage (museums, libraries, historic buildings, oil mills, farms, gardens) through a network of cycle routes.
   From 2012 to 2018 Salento Bici Tour (in collaboration with Legambiente, Città Fertile and Ecomuseo of Neviano) participated in the design and construction of these network of cycling routes, some of which were also marked with special vertical sign.
   These routes are dedicated not only to tourists, but also to locals, who can use them to move from one city to another.
   Since 2015 we have taken over the management of the "slow mobility center" of the SAC, creating the Salento Bike Cafè, the first Bike Cafe in Southern Italy. Within it we have worked on projects on sustainability from all its point of view.

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