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For over a year we hosted the Quiedoraw project in the Bike Cafè, created by Francesco Baffa, osteopath and functional movement teacher (Feldenkrais, acrobatics, acroyoga, climbing) and Giuseppe Palamà, graduate in Motor Sciences and Personal trainer.
   The project combines the practice of high-performance physical activity in a playful and inclusive way, with a natural diet.
   To do this, it uses the recovery of traditional methods integrated with current scientific knowledge.
Within the Bike Cafè we have thus built a palestRaw (a space dedicated to the physical activites) and a bistRaw (serving raw food), or rather a vision of the concept of "diet and exercise" in a "Raw" key, that is integral, natural and essential.
   Circus arts, climbing, yoga and functional training, on one hand, fresh juice, zero-kilometer superfoods, gourmet raw food recipes, on the other hand, have animated the open days, the educational meetings, the summer camps and the workshops they proposed.
   With the closure of the Salento Bike café, the project found a new home in the Gioconda space, in Galatina.

Immagine principale: 
I Ciclopi Srl
Via Palmieri, 32

73100 Lecce
P.IVA 04622810754
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