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Lecce Pedala - active citizenship movement

Salento Bici Tour is one of the founders and one of the most active members of Lecce Pedala: a network of associations, citizens, businesses that are involved in making the city of Lecce more cycle-friendly and making it more liveable for those who live and work in and for those who visits it.
   The network was born during the first lockdown - in 2020 - and has continued to work in the following months, until today.
We have created a decalogue of the urban cyclist, from which an awareness campaign sponsored by the Municipality of Lecce was born.
   We take care of supervising the construction sites of the new cycle paths and giving suggestions to the administrations and technicians.
We have organized various cultural awareness activities, such as bicycle theater and concerts.
   In autumn 2021, a clean up campaign began, with which we are committed to cleaning up some rural roads that connect Lecce to the surrounding vllages, to raise awareness among our fellow citizens on the production and abandonment of waste.

Immagine principale: 
lecce pedala
I Ciclopi Srl
Via Palmieri, 32

73100 Lecce
P.IVA 04622810754
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