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Cycling in Matino

Matino is a suggestive medieval village, where small streets climb between two rocky canals, called “the Universe” and “the Real”. Miraculously remained intact over the years, the city consists of a network of narrow streets and alleys, which in winter served as shelter from the cold wind that comes from the Balkans and in summer offer relief from the African heat.
    In the town is housed the charming Museum of Contemporary Art: named after the local painter Luigi Gabrieli, it has over 450 works and is specialized in "visual poetry", a technique that spread in Italy around the 1960s that combines writing and painting together.
    Between 2011 and 2013 we carried out a project to promote this area, by connect it, through a cycle path, with the more famous Gallipoli and its "Isola di Sant’Andrea and Costa di Punta Pizzo Regional Park". Through this itinerary, citizens and tourists can reach the sea safely and sustainably.
    We created a printed guide in two languages ​​and the Municipality of Matino has dedicated a page to "cycle tourism" within its institutional website (then closed, for reasons we do not know).
During this process we met the accommodation facilities of the city and some of which have become reference points for cyclists who want to stay in the area.

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Cycling in Matino