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Carbon offsetting

Bicycle trips are carbon neutral. It is used the strength of one's legs to travel and does not pollute in any way.
    However, nothing is as it seems: during our trips we use motor vehicles (natural gas) to transport luggage and most of our customers reach Puglia by plane. They are contradictions we are aware of and which we have to deal with.
We try to push our customers to use more sustainable means to reach our region (the train, first of all). But sometimes this is not possible, for reasons of cost or - more often - of time.
    Offsets gas emissions are a - partial - solution to this problem.
We have signed an agreement with the “Treedom” Platform - which deals with planting trees in different parts of the world to allow travelers to offset the emissions of their plane travel by planting a tree.
    At the same time, we started a search to find farmers willing to take care of the trees that we could plant on our territory.

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compensazione emissioni
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